About ARC Southern Africa

A number of us in Southern Africa had started to talk about how to plant churches more effectively. We knew it was a huge need and the answer to the preferred future for our continent the we are dreaming for. We heard about ARC and a few of us came over to the US to attend the conference in 2016. Paul van Coller’s words probably best describe their experience, “Walking into that room, seeing thousands of likeminded leaders with the same dream in their heart…it felt like we had come home”.

The following year, ARC Southern Africa officially formed, and the first church was planted in February 2018. Since its inception, ARC Southern Africa has experienced sustained growth with many new churches being planted, leaders equipped, life-giving relationships formed and existing churches joining the family and mission.

We look forward to seeing our region completely transformed by the power of Jesus as we work together to plant life-giving churches in every community.

The ARC Global Networks Story